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allen chang

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i'm a third-year undergraduate student (BS computer science, BS applied and computational mathematics) at the university of southern california's viterbi school of engineering.

i am broadly interested in computational perception and reasoning from human behaviors and directives. specifically, i would like to (1) help machines follow implicit and explicit multimodal (language, vision, and speech) guidance, and (2) improve model interpretability, fairness, and trust. my current research interests include multimodal interaction, explainable ai and fairness, and embodied intelligence. i have had the pleasure to be advised by maja matarić, jesse thomason, and stefanos nikolaidis.

i am fortunate to also have been mentored by mary knapp at mit's haystack observatory and shaoxu song at tsinghua university. my work is generously supported by the goldwater scholarship and fellowships from usc, mit, cmu, and tsinghua university.

i am grateful for my peers, collaborators, and community who have enhanced my research journey, including leena mathur, lauren klein, tejas srinivasan, matthew fontaine, serena booth, members and alumni from cais++, and our esteemed advisors bistra dilkina and david jeng.

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