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allen chang

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i'm a fourth-year undergraduate student (BS computer science, BS applied math) at usc viterbi.

broadly, i am motivated to create conversational language-guided agents. specifically, i hope to enhance multimodal perception and social intelligence for these agents to follow user goals. i am fortunate to be advised by maja matarić, jesse thomason, and stefanos nikolaidis.

previously, i have also had the pleasure to advised by jean oh at the cmu robotics institute, mary knapp at the mit haystack observatory, and shaoxu song at tsinghua university. my work is generously supported by the goldwater scholarship and fellowships from usc, mit, cmu, and tsinghua university. my travel has been supported by ieee and isca.

i am grateful for my peers, collaborators, and community who have enhanced my research journey, including leena mathur, lauren klein, tejas srinivasan, matthew fontaine, serena booth, beverley-claire okogwu, peter schaldenbrand, eliot xing, members and alumni from cais++, and our advisor bistra dilkina.

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