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I'm a senior undergraduate student (BS Computer Science, BS Applied Math) at USC Viterbi . I am very fortunate to work with Maja Matariฤ‡, Jesse Thomason, and Stefanos Nikolaidis.

Broadly, I am interested in language for grounded social interactions. I am particularly excited about language and vision (Interspeech 2023), social inference and reasoning (ACII 2022), and learning from synthetic data (AAAI 2024).

Previously, I have had the pleasure to spend my summers interning at the CMU Robotics Institute , MIT Haystack Observatory , and at Tsinghua University .

My work is generously supported by the Goldwater Scholarship.

I am extremely grateful for my peers, collaborators, and community who have helped me immensely, including Leena Mathur, Lauren Klein, Tejas Srinivasan, Serena Booth, Matthew Fontaine, Beverley-Claire Okogwu, Peter Schaldenbrand, Eliot Xing, my summer internship advisors Shaoxu Song, Mary Knapp, Jean Oh, members and alumni from CAIS++ and our advisor Bistra Dilkina.

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